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An Advantage for Medicare Patients or Just for Health Plans?

Trudy Lieberman | August 20, 2014

That the government overpays sellers of Medicare Advantage plans is well known in Beltway circles, even if much of the public remains unaware…

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What Health Insurers Told CFAH About Patient Engagement

CFAH Staff | August 20, 2014
"Most health plans view engagement as important and want to support it. But they recognize that they are only one (relatively weak) factor in supporting patient/consumer engagement... Their customers want their insurance premiums going to medical care, not a bunch of mailings about things they already know they should do..." – Arthur Southam, MD – Executive Vice President of Health Plan Operations, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Oakland, CA

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From Wonder Drug to Medical Reversal

John Schumann | August 19, 2014
One thing seems to be sure in medicine: if we just wait long enough for excellent science to guide us ahead, things we trust as ironclad rules often change. Case in point...

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Amy Berman and Health Affairs Remember Jessie Gruman

Amy Berman | August 18, 2014
Jessie was a hero to patients, families, and health care providers for her selfless work to help people better understand their role and responsibilities in supporting their own health. Her legacy is indelible...

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What Policy Makers Told CFAH About Patient Engagement

CFAH Staff | August 13, 2014
"Since patients don't live in a vacuum, we must also involve the community in which patients live, work, and play. Community resources must be readily available to meet the needs of the population they serve. Also, as we begin to have patients and families engaged in their care and talk to peers and extended family members, they begin to model engagement to others. We are looking for 'engaged communities.'" - Jean Moody-Williams - Group Director, CMS Quality Improvement Group, Baltimore, MD

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Clever Hospitals Find Another Way to Snag New Patients

Trudy Lieberman | August 13, 2014
As I sat on a New York subway one sizzler of a day, an ad for an ice cream cone grabbed my attention. After a closer read, I realized the ad was not touting ice cream but the Center for Advanced Digestive Care, a part of New York Presbyterian, one of the city's most prestigious hospitals and well known for its TV ads designed to cultivate brand recognition. The ice cream cone was an effective attention-grabber. So was the message…

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The Most Important Quality in a Physician

Val Jones | August 11, 2014
When you ask patients what quality is most important in a physician, they often answer "empathy." I think that's close, but not quite right. I know many "nice" and "supportive" doctors who have poor clinical judgment. When it comes to excellent care quality, one personality trait stands out to me – something that we don't spend much time thinking about...

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Lessons From a Fallen Hero, Jessie Gruman

Douglas Kamerow | August 6, 2014
"Jessie kept a laser focus on discovering and describing the process that she and many other patients with serious illnesses go through, so as to create useful tools and guidelines for all patients. She did it with admirable grace, humor, wit and wisdom." – Doug Kamerow, immediate past CFAH Board Chair, senior scholar at the Robert Graham Center for policy studies in primary care, and associate editor for The BMJ

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