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1st Person: At 98, Bob Stewart Would Rather Be Dancing


Bob Stewart, who will turn 99 this May, began taking supplements in 2000, when he was in his late 80s. The retired podiatrist is also a strong believer in keeping active. He takes exercise classes at least three times a week and participates in numerous community activities, including a local men's chorus.

At that age, I felt like I needed some more help. I'd been doing a lot of reading. The supplements I take are basically whole foods. The [over-processed, chemical-heavy] food we have now in grocery stores are terrible.

At 95, Stewart broke two world records'in the running long jump and shot put'at the National Senior Olympic Games.

I was taking flaxseed and there was a front-page story in the paper about my Olympics records and it went national. They'd asked what I'd taken, what helped me out and that was one of the main things I'd started with. I said you should get fresh flaxseed and grind it every morning and take it. The stores had a run on flaxseed.

Another thing that I went on is nattokinase. It comes from Japan and it's made from fermented soybeans.

A lot of supplements claim magical things and they don't all come through, however.

In 2010, he married 90- year-old Dot Jeffress, whom he met square dancing.

'This October will be our second anniversary. People do better if they're married to someone they truly love. Dot said.

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