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Patient Activation Is Only Half the Solution – Physicians Need to Be Activated as Well

Stephen Wilkins | April 1, 2013

Focusing just on what the patient brings to the party in terms of their “knowledge, skills and confidence” is only half the problem. What about physician activation?

False Alarms and Unrealistic Expectations in Preventive Care

Kenny Lin | March 28, 2013

Shortly after we moved to Washington, DC, my wife and I purchased a basic home security system, the kind with a programmable keypad, multiple door alarms and a motion sensor. All things considered, it's hard to argue that the benefits of this preventive measure have outweighed its cumulative harms.

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Louise Vetter, CEO of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America

Louise Vetter | March 27, 2013

There are 30,000 Americans alive today with symptoms of HD, and an additional 200,000 are at risk...Generally, we see CER as an important priority to inform clinician decision making.

Making Seniors on Medicare Have More Skin in the Game

Trudy Lieberman | March 26, 2013

The movement is growing, it seems, for making people who rely on Medicare have more skin-in-the-game. In the minds of some, seniors and the disabled pay too little for their health care and their Medicare benefits…

Six Awkward Concerns in My OpenNotes

Leslie Kernisan | March 25, 2013

I find myself relieved that I don’t have to figure out how to document (or not document?) concerns [in patient records]...Wondering what they are? Ok, I will tell you, but shhh...don’t tell my elderly patients that I may be considering these topics as I care for them.

What Do We Need Doctors For?

Elaine Schattner | March 21, 2013

Should nurse prac­ti­tioners, RNs, physician assis­tants, phar­ma­cists, social workers and others including, yes, peer patients, take up much — or even most, of doctors’ tasks?

What Do Patients Need From Clinicians?

Jessie Gruman | March 20, 2013

In response to their February issue, New Era of Patient Engagement, Health Affairs launched a new Facebook initiative to connect people with patient advocates. I was honored to kick off the Q&A series.

A Disconnect: What Hospitals Want You to Know vs. What You Should Know

Trudy Lieberman | March 19, 2013

The Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ) is making hospital inspection reports from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services available at AHCJ’s new website The site is not perfect, and there’s a lot of missing information, but still it provides some information about hospitals that has been lacking and offers a basis for asking questions.

Caring For Loved Ones When Our Best Efforts Aren’t Enough

Nora OBrien Suric | March 18, 2013

How many friends/family members/social workers does it take to change the mind of a frail person? Even if the frail person was/is one of the leading geriatric social workers in the country?

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Marty Tenenbaum, Founder & Chairman of Cancer Commons

Marty Tenenbaum | March 13, 2013

There is a large disparity of information across the medical world. If you consult 6 doctors, you’ll likely get 6 opinions about how to treat your cancer. And 5-year survivals may vary as much as 50%. This is inexcusable.

Patient-Centered Care: It’s All in the Details

Trudy Lieberman | March 12, 2013

Having had one eye surgery a few months ago, I knew what to look for. But my patient experience was much different this time and made me aware of how many places in the chain of care where mistakes can occur.

Too Much Medical Care: Do We Know It When We See It?

Kenny Lin | March 11, 2013

If I didn't object to receiving what I recognized as too much medical care, it should not be a surprise that, according to one study, many inappropriate tests and treatments are being provided more often, not less.

Latest Health Behavior News

Health Behavior News Service | March 7, 2013

Recent health behavior research news stories: Friendships Are Good for Our Health | Obesity Lowers Quality of Life in Boys | Health Centers Have High Satisfaction Rates | Diabetes + Depression Increases Risk of Death

Comparative Effectiveness Research: Ann Fonfa, President and Founder of the Annie Appleseed Project

Ann Fonfa | March 6, 2013

To me it’s obvious that Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) is a good way to get to meaningful patient outcomes. It compares real things that will make a difference. Right now we have efficacy without effect. In my field we are worried about drug-herb interactions; what about drug-drug interactions? I’m looking forward to CER really drilling down to what works for patients in a meaningful way.

“Go-to-Guy for All Things Medical” Tested at Mom’s End-of-Life

Charles Ornstein | March 4, 2013

My father, sister and I sat in the near-empty Chinese restaurant, picking at our plates, unable to avoid the question that we'd gathered to discuss: When was it time to let Mom die?