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How to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit


Over the years, the Center for Advancing Health has listened to hundreds of people discuss their experiences with their health and health care. One thing that seems to come up for many people is how hard it can be to find good health care and make the most of it, which includes knowing what to do at a doctor's appointment. We've come up with these tips to help.

When Pain Doesn't End


Chronic pain is one of the most difficult--and common--medical conditions. Estimated to affect 76 million Americans, it accompanies illnesses and injuries ranging from cancer to various forms of arthritis, multiple sclerosis and physical trauma.

Managing Your Medications

PREPARED PATIENT RESOURCE | Participate in Your Treatment

Part of participating in your treatment is remembering to take your medication as prescribed. This task can get difficult if you aren’t feeling well or are juggling multiple prescriptions

Handling Treatment Side Effects

PREPARED PATIENT RESOURCE | Participate in Your Treatment

Sometimes treatment can produce troubling side effects. Here’s how to recognize them and what to do if you have them.

Cutting Through ICU Confusion


Every year more than 5 million people in the United States spend time in intensive care units for acute injuries or life-threatening illnesses. For patients, family members and friends, the ICU experience is often emotional and confusing.

Participate in Your Treatment

PREPARED PATIENT RESOURCE | Participate in Your Treatment

Better health is more likely when we agree on a plan of action with our doctor and follow it.

Reducing Your Risk of Medical Errors


Recovering from a knee replacement is difficult under the best of circumstances, but for Herminia Briones, the year following her surgery was filled with unexpected pain, complications and confusion. Her repeated attempts to draw attention to her problems went unheeded, beginning an unfortunate and not uncommon struggle with medical error. Why do medical errors happen and how can you help protect yourself from harm?

Getting the Right Help for Acute Pain


Receiving prompt and helpful treatment for acute pain can make all the difference in the world. But lack of care or inadequate care means that the acute pain may develop into chronic agony.

Side Effects: When Silence Isn't Golden


Most treatments have some sort of side effect associated with them, and many of us may wonder if side effects are simply the price we must pay for a necessary treatment. But side effects shouldn't be taken lightly, for a number of reasons.

On Your Own With Multiple Meds


People with chronic illness often struggle to manage several prescribed drugs at a time and trying to figure out which drug is which, or when to take what.