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Brian R. Klepper, PhD is a health care analyst and commentator. He is Chief Development Officer for WeCare TLC, LLC, an onsite primary care clinic and medical management firm. He is also Managing Principal of Healthcare Performance Inc., a consulting practice based in Atlantic Beach, FL. In December 2010, he founded and now edits Care & Cost, an online professional health care magazine. With his wife, he also maintains a blog, Elaine’s Journey, detailing their struggle against Primary Peritoneal (Ovarian) Cancer.  This piece was originally posted 7/16 on Medscape Connect’s Care and Cost blog.

Guest Blog: Is Genomic Medicine Clinically Useful Yet?

Brian Klepper | July 17, 2012
The news of my wife Elaine's primary peritoneal cancer 27 months ago began a fevered effort to learn all we could about her disease and our options. 'Gold standard' treatments notwithstanding, the prognosis isn't good. So with molecular profiling, we stand at the leading edge of a hugely promising, alternative paradigm.