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The Water Is Wide: Teens with Chronic Conditions Take on Their Own Care
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | April 8, 2010 | Jessie Gruman
I was recently trading stories about the treatment of our childhood cancers with a young friend who mentioned that until recently (he's 26), he continued to be followed by his pediatrician why switch? His doctor knew him, after all.

Matt Seeks Health Insurance: A Young Adult Falls Through the Cracks of Health Reform
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | August 26, 2010 | Trudy Lieberman

Matt Seeks Health Insurance, Part 2: The Runaround Continues
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | September 24, 2010 | Trudy Lieberman

Adding an Adult Son or Daughter to Your Insurance
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | September 30, 2010 | Trudy Lieberman

Good Idea, Bad Execution: Dosing Errors, A Preventable Harm
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | December 15, 2010 | Scott Gavura
Dosing errors are among the most common and most preventable causes of adverse drug events in children. Why? Despite the prevalence of dosing errors, there has been little evidence telling us what health professionals, or parents, can do better. Until now'

Conversation Continues: Kangaroo Care & 'Less' is 'More'
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | December 15, 2010 | CFAH Staff
Sometimes, the best way to progress isn't to advance to step up with more money, more technology, more modernity. It's to retreat.

Conversation Continues: Young Adults and The Affordable Care Act
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | June 17, 2011 | CFAH Staff
Sara Collins of the Commonwealth Fund and veteran health care journalist Trudy Lieberman look at how the Affordable Care Act is and is not helping young adults stay covered.

Beyond Moodiness: Dangers of Adolescent Depression
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | December 20, 2011 | Conversation Continues
Several recent studies reveal that the causes of depression in children are many, and its outward manifestation in teens often goes beyond recognizable symptoms of sadness and lethargy.

Prepared Patient: Young Adults Taking the Health Care Reins
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | February 9, 2012 | Health Behavior News Service
Your parents still might be willing to do your laundry, but if you're over 18, they can't make your medical decisions. Are you ready to navigate the adult health care system? This updated Prepared Patient feature offers advice for young people who are just starting out in managing their health care, including information on important provisions from the Affordable Care Act.

Teen Smoking: An Epidemic?
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | March 15, 2012 | Inside Health Care
A new report from the U.S. surgeon general's office estimates 3,800 kids light their first cigarette every day and tobacco companies spend more than $1 million an hour marketing and promoting tobacco products.

Getting Kids to Be Active
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | March 26, 2012 | Conversation Continues
Getting kids to eat well and exercise can be a tough sell. Are so-called "fat-shaming" books and exhibits the answer?

Reading, Writing, Weight Control?
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | May 15, 2012 | Conversation Continues
"If you believe this is a massive national problem, you have to deal with it in a systems way," says, Dan Glickman, chair of an Institute of Medicine panel/report, "Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention".

Still the Best Policy: Being Honest With Your Children About Cancer
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | July 3, 2012 | Lisa Bonchek Adams
While there may be exceptions, in general I firmly believe it's important to be open and honest with children about serious illness (in my case it was cancer). Not only is it important to explain it to them to de-mystify illness, it can also be crucial that children be aware of the condition in case of emergency.

Latest Health Behavior News
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | March 7, 2013 | Health Behavior News Service
Recent health behavior research news stories: Friendships Are Good for Our Health | Obesity Lowers Quality of Life in Boys | Health Centers Have High Satisfaction Rates | Diabetes + Depression Increases Risk of Death

Latest Health Behavior News
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | May 22, 2013 | Health Behavior News Service
This week in health news: Trauma care disparities persist for blacks | Calorie info on menus starts to have an effect | Soda in schools may lead black students to drink more | “Eat Fresh”? Not necessarily

Father Knows Best
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | June 14, 2013 | Red Maxwell
Unlike network television, life with diabetes can't be solved within reasonable time limits. It takes perseverance, patience and huge helpings of hope.

Latest Health Behavior News
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | August 9, 2013 | Health Behavior News Service
This week in health news: When dieting encouragement goes wrong | What works for more walking at work | Vaccines: Not just for babies | Health insurance matters for cancer survivors

Latest Health Behavior News
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | August 30, 2013 | Health Behavior News Service
This week in health news: For teens, fighting is bad for the brain | Skeptical elderly turn to home remedies | Bedwetting treatments offer help | Green light for eating and drinking during labor

You're Not as Invincible as You Think
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | October 21, 2013 | Laurie Edwards
I see firsthand the sense of invincibility that accompanies youth. My students have little reason to believe the long days, the all-nighters, and the jam-packed academic and social lives they lead will catch up to them. It is easy to dismiss patients with chronic illness as the elderly — those who have lived long enough to acquire the inevitable diseases of longevity. This is an incomplete picture of the chronic illness population, however...

The Hard-Hitting Truth About Sports Concussions
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | November 11, 2013 | Conversation Continues
Final scores, rankings and rivalries aren't the only fall football traditions getting news coverage this season. Rates, effects and what to do about concussions are in the spotlight too.

Color Us Stressed – How to Deal
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | December 2, 2013 | Jane Sarasohn Kahn
Coast-to-coast, stress is the norm for most Americans: 55 percent of people feel stressed in everyday life, and far more women feel the stress than men do. It will take a village to help manage stress, including but not limited to our doctors.

Advice for People New to Health Insurance (Part 5): Do You Need a Yearly Checkup?
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | December 30, 2013 | Be a Prepared Patient
In part five of our series, we look at the yearly check-up and offer resources for people who are trying to decide which preventive care services are right for them...

Advice for People New to Health Insurance (Part 6): 10 Steps to Making a Doctor's Appointment
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | December 31, 2013 | Be a Prepared Patient
In part six of our series, you'll find out what key pieces of information you need to know about your new doctor's office. Keep it handy with your personal health records or household files...

Advice for People New to Health Insurance (Part 7): Get the Most Out of Your Appointment
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | January 1, 2014 | Be a Prepared Patient
In part seven of our series, we offer advice about how to make the most of your doctor's appointment. Here's what you should do before, during and after your visit...

Advice for People New to Health Insurance (Part 8): Who's Who In Your Doctor's Office
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | January 2, 2014 | Be a Prepared Patient
In the eighth and final part of our series, we explain who the various people are in your doctor's office, from nurse practitioners to lab technicians. Knowing their different roles can make your visit go more smoothly...

Getting Help for Depression
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | February 20, 2014 | Be a Prepared Patient
Depression affects nearly one in ten Americans yet many people often go untreated. In fact, a recent study found that 70 percent of people surveyed with symptoms of depression received no treatment of any kind. Here's advice on how to get help...

Stop Expecting Antibiotics to Be Handed Out Routinely: Here's Why
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | June 10, 2014 | Trudy Lieberman
For years, my colleagues on the Prepared Patient site have preached the importance of being an advocate for your own care. And they've noted that at times it is necessary to push back against doctors' recommendations if a suggested treatment does not seem right. I just returned from a visit to the U.K., which drove home the importance of that advice...

Seamless Health Insurance Coverage Still Illusory
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | June 30, 2014 | Trudy Lieberman
For ages we've all known that the U.S. health insurance system works splendidly for those who have good employer-provided coverage, slide smoothly into Medicare when the time comes and seldom get sick. But evidence is beginning to trickle in that this seamless pathway for some people who've signed up for Obamacare insurance may be more illusory than real...

Ingenious Hospitals Find a New Way to Snag Patients
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | July 29, 2014 | Trudy Lieberman
A mother takes her teenage son to an urgent care center that is part of her insurance plan's network. A clerk quickly refers him to the emergency room, across the street, which just happens to be part of the same hospital system as the urgent care center. Is this UCC sending some patients to its related hospital ER, clearly a place of high-priced care, to gin up revenue for the system's bottom line?...

Facing a Serious Diagnosis? 'AfterShock' Now an App
PREPARED PATIENT BLOG | July 31, 2014 | CFAH Staff
Receiving bad health news can spark great upheaval. It is a time when nothing is certain and the future looks dark. The new, free app 'AfterShock: Facing a Serious Diagnosis' offers a basic roadmap through the first few days and weeks, providing concise information and trusted resources to help you regain a bit of control during this turbulent time...