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Uncovering Your Health Risks
PREPARED PATIENT RESOURCE | Seek Knowledge About Your Health
You could be at risk for disease based on your age, health behaviors or family history. Here’s how to find out.

Talking About Medical Tests
PREPARED PATIENT RESOURCE | Communicate With Your Doctors
Doctors run tests to check your health or to figure out what’s wrong. Here are some basic questions you should ask about medical tests.

Do You Need a Yearly Checkup?
PREPARED PATIENT RESOURCE | Get Preventive Health Care
Checkups are good for establishing a relationship with your primary care clinician and for screening tests. Here are resources with more on what tests you might need to stay healthy.

Seek Knowledge About Your Health
PREPARED PATIENT RESOURCE | Seek Knowledge About Your Health
Find accurate information that helps you with choices about your health.

Do You Need a Yearly Medical Check-Up?
We've all heard about well-baby visits, but if you're a healthy adult, you probably have no plan to see a doctor. When there's nothing to complain about, many of us go years without a comprehensive medical check-up.

Young Adults Taking the Health Care Reins
Your parents still might be willing to do your laundry, but if you’re over 18, they can’t make your medical decisions. Are you ready to navigate the adult health care system?

Watchful Waiting: When Treatment Can Wait
For some patients, delaying treatment while regularly monitoring the progress of disease may benefit them more than a rush to pharmaceutical or surgical options.

Talking About Medical Tests With Your Health Care Team
Whether you're healthy or ill, there are a variety of medical tests your health care team might recommend for you.