Find Good Health Care

The quality of doctors and hospitals varies. Here is information to help you find the right care. More

Participate in Your Treatment

Better health is more likely when we agree on a plan of action with our doctor and follow it. More

Talking with Your Doctors

You and your doctor need accurate information from each other. More

Promote Your Health

Healthy eating, activity, and safety habits help us live for as long and as well as we can. More

Organize Your Health Care

Managing multiple doctors and appointments well is complicated but critical for good care. More

Get Preventative Health Care

Make use of immunizations and recommended disease screening tests to prevent illness. More

Pay for Your Healthcare

Seek insurance and manage the worrisome chores of arranging and paying for care. More

Plan for Your End of Life Care

Document your wishes to reduce the chance of receiving care not consistent with your values. More

Make Good Treatment Decisions

We must understand what our treatment choices are and their risks and benefits. More

Seek Knowledge About Your Health

Find accurate information that helps you with choices about your health. More

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