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Inside Health Care: Dichotomies: Quality or Familiarity? Empower or Manage?


Primary care doctor, Rob Lamberts, pictures a tornado cloud engulfing a community in his post Losing Patients with Insurers. Lamberts describes his interaction with a patient after he decides that he may not be able to accept certain Medicare advantage plans. He comments, There is no anger just disappointment and frustration. Patients are victims of the strategy insurance companies are using to cut costs. He questions why costs are being cut for the lowest paying physicians, who provide care that alleviates stress from a strained system. Can your doctor afford to accept your insurance? If not, should you adjust which health plan you choose in order to be able to stay with your doctor?

Dr. Davis Lui, family doctor, in Saving Money and Surviving the Healthcare Crisis, would answer no. He recommends when choosing a health insurance, start with health insurance quality first and doctor selection second. He says it could 'save your life. What is Dr. Lui suggesting?

If people are to find good health care and make the most of it, should they be empowered or managed? Guest blogger Toni Bigby on KevinMD says, 'Would people rather take direction and be ushered through the health care system or do they want to find their own information and formulate their own options for care?' Bigby thinks health care reform leans toward an empowerment model, but argues that the empowerment, management question still needs to be answered. Is it one, the other or both: empowered or managed?

Jodi G. Daniel J.D. M.P.H., of the Office of the National Coordinator, is on a team drafting a five year Federal Health IT Strategic Plan that is empowering consumer to better managed their health through information technology (IT). They want to 1) engage consumers in policy and programs related to federal health IT; 2) increase access to electronic health information; 3) foster innovation in consumer health IT; and 4) encourage electronic communication and tools. Does HealthITBuzz empower you to better manage your health?

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