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Conversation Continues: Evidence of the Effects of Empathy


A TIME article this week reveals new research that 'doctors who are more empathetic actually have healthier patients.'

African Americans get less pain treatment than whites. Recent research reveals that increasing empathy may help to decrease this disparity. A Medical News Today article reports, 'Simply asking the students and nurses to briefly put themselves in their patients' shoes had a drastic effect on their decisions,' which changed treatment plans.

Stephen Wilkins, MPH, on Mind the Gap says, 'Enough already!' with empathy studies. He cites research as far back as 20 years recognizing the therapeutic value of empathy. He says, 'Despite the evidence it seems that physicians are no more empathetic today than when people first started researching empathy.' He hopes the latest research will translate into more action.

These posts were collected by Sarah Jorgenson, CFAH Communications and Research Associate.

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