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Conversation Continues: Young Adults and The Affordable Care Act


Sara R. Collins, of the Commonwealth Fund, blogged about How the Affordable Care Act Is Helping Young Adults Stay Covered. She writes that "new health plan enrollment numbers suggest the Affordable Care Act is already turning the tide for many young adults, providing new protections to the 2011 graduating class. The law's requirement that health plans that offer dependent coverage allow those under the age of 26 to remain on or join their parents' policies has led to an increase of 600,000 young adult enrollees in five health plans."  Collins expects those numbers to rise, but points out one significant string: "most of today's uninsured young adults will gain coverage only when the central provisions of the law take effect in 2014."

Meanwhile, veteran health care journalist Trudy Lieberman looks at one 25-year-old's health insurance predicament in her two-part blog series Matt Seeks Health Insurance: A Young Adult Falls Through the Cracks of Health Reform and The Runaround Continues. While it's true the Affordable Care Act allows children to stay on their parent's health insurance until they're 26, the details of the law are more complicated than that, and for young adults like Matt there's more than one catch.'  And wouldn't you know'it turns out that if parents are on Medicare there's a whole new wrinkle to consider.

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