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Patient Perspectives: It's the Little Things


Flowers, the entrée, party favors'all considerations for one's wedding.'  But how to wear an insulin pump under one's wedding dress, is another matter entirely.'  On Diabetes Mine, Alison Blass guest blogs about the three options she's considering along with the additional "diabetes conundrum" of where to store her other diabetes supplies.'  Because, as Alison says, "Diabetes, unfortunately, never takes a vacation'It likes to make an appearance when' you least expect it."

Many people wouldn't think twice about picking up chopsticks and digging into a big bowl of chow mein noodles.'  For Matt, from MS Daily News, his latest encounter with the utensil was more than disappointing.'  "You know those times when everything seems to be going wrong and then some MS thing also happens and it bums you out? My trip to the Chinese restaurant was one of those times."

For someone with an autoimmune disease, it's a challenge to stay healthy, especially with runny-nose and coughing children to care for. Warm Socks, before she had Rheumatoid Arthritis, was able to climb into bed with her sick children and comfort them. Now, she has to think twice before hugging or cuddling them when ill. A commenter on her blog says, 'Of all the choices we have to make as RA sufferers, this must be one of the hardest.' Despite following all hand-washing and cough covering precautionary measures, Warm Socks still easily gets sick. In a follow-up piece, she decides to enjoy every opportunity to hold her kids, regardless of their health.

Being a mother of a child with diabetes requires diligence with everything that your child consumes. This doesn't stop with over-the-counter and prescription medications. D-Mom asked her pharmacist about the sugar content in allergy medications after giving her daughter a generic Claritin, which caused her blood sugar to spike. She wonders 'why medicines aren't required to have nutritional information like food items?'

It's all the little things that make caring for yourself or the one's you love with an illness that much more challenging.

By: Goldie Pyka

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