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Staying a Step Ahead of Diabetes


In case of emergency at home, in the car, at school those who rely on prescription medicines and other condition-specific supplies are told to "be prepared". For those living with diabetes, Amy Tendrich offers her list of must-have's and tips on how to organize it all effectively and cheaply. She says, "As we well know, disasters or severe weather can happen any time, so it's crucial to always be prepared."

Most likely on the ICE (in case of emergency) list for most diabetics are glucose tabs. When D-Mom Leighann Calentine noticed that glucose tabs and Smarties candy have the same first ingredient, dextrose, and that Smarties were less expensive, she "decided to do a little comparison shopping and figure out how to get the best bang for your buck."'  The result is this helpful chart that compares remedies to treat low blood sugar.

In this video clip, we hear from a patient who discusses a different kind of preparedness. Julie, who also has diabetes, after being treated for eight years by her primary care physician, decided to switch to a patient-centered Endocrinologist. She emphasizes the importance of preparing a list of questions ahead of time, before her doctor appointments. Stephen Wilkins, MPH, says, "This video is an excellent testimony of what a truly engaged and knowledgeable patient with chronic diabetes looks and sounds like."

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