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The Conversation Continues: In the ER


McDonald's Medicine: Are We Too Impatient to Wait for Care? Dr. Zachary F. Meisel and Dr. Jesse M Pines, two ER docs, in their TIME newsmagazine feature say, 'Spend time in a busy ER and you'll hear a recurrent theme among the harried staff: patients in the U.S. want their health care like they want their food ' served up speedily and made 'your way.'' Their question: Is McDonald's-style medicine a good or bad thing?

A new study published in the journal Annals of Emergency Medicine found that 'elderly patients with dementia and delirium who are taken to a hospital emergency department often do not comprehend why they are there and do not understand discharge instructions from doctors or nurses.' How does this affect their ER and follow-up care?

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