Through blogs and comments, patients and experts explore what it takes to find good health care and make the most of it.

'Be a Prepared Patient' Gets a New Look


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Finding good health care and making the most of it is critical for each of us. Yet all too often, reliable, unbiased information is hard to find and understand. On the Be a Prepared Patient website, we have collected trusted resources and tips to help people navigate their way through health and health care decisions and experiences.

With a new look and layout, Be a Prepared Patient provides:

  • Quick resources to answer common health care questions, tips and links to dependable online health information.
  • Blog posts from patients, doctors and experts that shed light on what it takes to work with health care providers.
  • Two-minute videos on the basics of finding good health care.
  • Prepared Patient Voices featuring interviews and in-depth information on a range of health care topics.

Visitors will also find related news stories from our Health Behavior News Service, which covers in plain language the latest peer-reviewed studies and systematic reviews on health disparities, patient engagement and how our behaviors affect our health.

Be a Prepared Patient is organized into ten categories of actions that each of us must take to make good health and health care choices, such as:

  • Finding good health care
  • Communicating with our doctors
  • Paying for our health care
  • Making good treatment decisions

All of Be a Prepared Patient content is developed and published by CFAH and is completely free of advertising and corporate sponsorship. None of the links or information provided generates revenue for CFAH, and all of our information is free to the public.

We invite you to have a look and share your responses or suggestions in the comment section below.

Welcome to the new Be a Prepared Patient.

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