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Barbara Bronson Gray, RN, MN is an award-winning writer and nationally-recognized health expert who blogs at She writes articles on healthcare for many websites and national magazines, has worked in hospitals, helped run hospitals, led a major healthcare magazine, developed a website for WebMD, served as a leader of global communications for biotech giant Amgen, and has a communications consultancy based in California. Follow her on Twitter @bbgrayrn

How to Better Understand Your Real Risk

Barbara Bronson Gray | October 11, 2012
Every day we're bombarded with news stories about our growing risk for getting this or that. If you eat fish you have a 30% greater chance of getting something or other, and if you drink three cups of coffee a day...Pretty soon it's all background noise.

Guest Blog: What We Want from the Patient Experience

Barbara Bronson Gray | August 27, 2012
We're a disgruntled bunch these days. We think there must be a better way to experience health care.

The Hard Truth: There's No Such Thing as Truly Preventive Services

Barbara Bronson Gray | July 10, 2012
If only there really was such a thing as a "preventive service." With all this talk about the Affordable Care Act these last few weeks, the inclusion in the law of "free preventive services" has been billed as a big plus.

Are You Afraid of Being Labeled a Difficult Patient?

Barbara Bronson Gray | May 16, 2012
Turns out we're a nation of doctor pleasers when it comes to health care. A recent study found that patients avoid challenging their physicians because they're afraid of getting the "difficult patient" label.

Guest Blog: Waiting Too Long for the Doctor? What to Do

Barbara Bronson Gray | May 1, 2012
Waiting to see a physician is much, much different from waiting for an airplane or a bus'A friend recently asked me: Why do we have to wait so long for doctors and not for other professionals, like lawyers, accountants or dentists? And is there anything we can we do about it?

Guest Blog: The Trouble with Trust

Barbara Bronson Gray | April 19, 2012
A good friend with a chronic healthcare condition has over the last few years had a series of invasive procedures that have still not solved her problems.

Guest Blog: How to 'De-Frag' Your Health Care

Barbara Bronson Gray | April 6, 2012
If your computer has ever slowed way down you may have been advised to "defrag," which puts all parts of a file together in the same place on the drive, enabling it to run faster and more efficiently. In much the same way, your health care might need to be de-fragged.