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Carol Alter, MD is the Director of Policy and Community Outreach and an Associate Professor in the Georgetown University Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Alter is a psychiatrist with over 20 years experience in diverse settings in health care including clinical practice, research, administration, health care delivery and the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Alter is an active participant in the American Psychiatric Association, the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, and the American Psychosocial Oncology Society. She played an instrumental role in both the development and the implementation of the 2007 Institute of Medicine report: Cancer Care for the Whole Patient through her advocacy for the report’s completion and implementation.  She is a CFAH William Ziff Fellow.

Patient Engagement: Expert Carol Alter Talks about Challenges

Carol Alter | October 31, 2011
This interview with Carol Alter is the eighth in a series of brief chats between CFAH president and founder, Jessie Gruman and experts - our CFAH William Ziff Fellows - who have devoted their careers to understanding and encouraging people's engagement in their health and health care.