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Charlie Smith, MD, is a practicing family physician, executive associate dean for clinical affairs, and professor of family and community medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock. In 1997, he founded a web-based medical information company, eDocAmerica, which provides tools, information, and input from professionals to help individuals make better decisions about their health and health care. He has served as president of the American Board of Family Medicine, deputy editor of American Family Physician, and chair of the Group on Faculty Practice of the American Association of Medical Colleges. You can follow him on Twitter @edocarkansas and on JOPM.

'I No Longer Have to Go to See the Doctor': How the Patient Portal is Changing Medical Practice

Charlie Smith | September 2, 2014
Not long ago, the only options my patients had for communicating with me were to come in to the office or relay a message through the office staff. But since recently introducing the patient portal in our electronic medical record, my practice has changed substantially for the better...