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Douglas Kamerow is senior scholar at the Robert Graham Center: Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care, associate editor for The BMJ, and Professor of Clinical Family Medicine at Georgetown University. Previously, he was chief scientist at the non-partisan research institute RTI International. He chaired the CFAH board of trustees from 2007 to 2011. His new book is Dissecting American Health Care.

Lessons From a Fallen Hero, Jessie Gruman

Douglas Kamerow | August 6, 2014
"Jessie kept a laser focus on discovering and describing the process that she and many other patients with serious illnesses go through, so as to create useful tools and guidelines for all patients. She did it with admirable grace, humor, wit and wisdom." – Doug Kamerow, immediate past CFAH Board Chair, senior scholar at the Robert Graham Center for policy studies in primary care, and associate editor for The BMJ

What's Engagement Now? Expert Douglas Kamerow Discusses Emerging Challenges

Douglas Kamerow | February 15, 2012
Three of the things that optimal patient engagement depends on are TIME, TOOLS and TEMPERAMENT. Clinicians and patients experience each of these differently, but they are central to us working together to get the best possible outcomes.

Guest Blog: Old Public Health Guy's Plea: Don't Wear Your Headphones All the Time

Douglas Kamerow | January 27, 2012
I propose that people stop wearing headphones when they are out in public...More serious than harming your appears that earphone use in public can actually endanger your life.

What a Year for the Center for Advancing Health!

Douglas Kamerow | December 16, 2010
As many of you know, this fall, Jessie Gruman, CFAH Founder and President, was diagnosed with stomach cancer, her fourth cancer-related diagnosis.' We have all been touched and gratified by good wishes for her and CFAH from around the world.