Patients and experts explore what it takes to find good health care and make the most of it.

Kate Lorig, RN, DrPH is the director of the Stanford Patient Education Research Center, professor of medicine in the Stanford School of Medicine and a William Ziff Fellow at the Center for Advancing Health.

Patient Engagement – We Have Become Our Parent

Kate Lorig | December 19, 2014
Jessie defined patient engagement as "the actions we take to support our health and to benefit from health care." As I reflect on this, I see that we have come to a crossroads. Jessie can no longer lead us and the organization she formed, CFAH, will soon cease. Now is the time for us to let our voices continue the discussion and to push the patient engagement agenda forward. Are we ready?...

Who Can Represent Patients?

Kate Lorig | January 2, 2014
Many years ago, Alfred Korzybski wrote that "the map is not the territory". This distinction has implications for the role of patients' voices in health care planning and policy...

Patient Engagement: Expert Kate Lorig Talks about Challenges

Kate Lorig | October 11, 2011
This interview with Kate Lorig is the fifth in a series of brief chats between CFAH president and founder, Jessie Gruman and experts - our CFAH William Ziff Fellows - who have devoted their careers to understanding and encouraging people's engagement in their health and health care.

Thoughts on Life, Death and Facebook

Kate Lorig | June 14, 2011
For more than three weeks I have been hanging around the ICU. Lara, my friend and colleague, is poised between life and death, having rejected her five-year-old transplanted lungs. She awaits the gift of a chance for life from another donor. Lara wants so much to live. During her last conversation with me before being placed on a ventilator, she talked about her fear. Now breathing and most everything else is done for her. Drugs keep her oblivious to the suspense.