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Kelly Young works to advance a more accurate understanding of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) to the public and to medical and scientific communities through her writing, speaking and use of social media.  In 2009, Kelly created to advocate for improved RA diagnosis and treatment and bring visibility to the RA patient journeyYou can follower her on Twitter @RAWarrior.

What Would the Car Mechanic Say If You Didn't Look Sick?

Kelly Young | September 30, 2013
Imagine you take your car to a mechanic and he says, "Your car looks fine to me. The paint is still shiny. It's not very old." It just wouldn't happen. So why would a doctor say to someone with rheumatoid arthritis, "Your hands don't look too bad"...

The Valuable Knowledge of Patients with Diseases Like RA

Kelly Young | July 9, 2012
A few weeks ago, in front of a few friends and lots of total strangers, I shared experiences about RA and explained specific ways that direct patient input could improve every aspect of health care, from research to diagnosis to treatment delivery.

Guest Blog: Evidenced-based Medicine or Easy-bake Oven: Tension Between Evidence and Reality

Kelly Young | August 8, 2011
This post was inspired by the article "Patient Advocates: Flies in the Ointment of Evidenced Based Care" at the Health Affairs Blog. Patient advocacy and evidenced-based medicine are both intimately entwined with several matters in rheumatological care, but first a word about flies. Patient advocates probably are flies in the ointment, and there would certainly be no flies in a perfect world. But in a perfect world, we wouldn't be sick. In a perfect world, doctors could comprehend our pain.