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Dr. Kevin Campbell, MD, FACC, is a Cardiologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders. He is an assistant professor of medicine in the division of cardiology at the University of North Carolina and a partner at North Carolina Heart and Vascular. Dr. Campbell is the medical expert for WNCN and makes frequent appearances on the NBC17 morning news, Fox News Channel, and the Fox Business Network, speaking about health care policy and health news of the day. You can read more from him on his blog, Twitter, and FaceBook.

What Color Is My Pill, Doc? Using Technology to Improve Medication Compliance

Kevin Campbell | December 9, 2014
In general, today's patients are taking more medications for a multitude of ailments. Even for the most astute patients, keeping track of doses and regimens can be a challenge. Add in changes in color and appearance of chronic medications and the task can often be overwhelming, especially for elderly patients with cognitive decline. We must look for alternative ways to assist our patients with managing their disease while at home. I believe technology is the answer...

The Psychology of the Surgical Waiting Room: Personal Observations and Adventures in Waiting

Kevin Campbell | June 21, 2012
After being on the 'other side' of medicine, Kevin R. Campbell, M.D., experienced the stressors of waiting for someone going through surgery and has learned ways to improve his practices as a clinician to help make the experience less worrisome for loved ones.