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Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH, is a practicing geriatrician, cautious techno-optimist and enthusiastic caregiver educator. She hopes to someday be surrounded by cool tools and innovations that will make great geriatric care totally doable for all, especially primary care providers and family caregivers. She is a regular THCB contributor and blogs at and at You can follow her on Twitter at @GeriTechBlog.

Patient Engagement: On Meaning and Metrics

Leslie Kernisan | November 7, 2013
What is patient engagement? Everyone agrees it's a good thing and that health care providers should be fostering it. How to do so, however, depends on what you believe the term means. I offer a new definition...

Six Awkward Concerns in My OpenNotes

Leslie Kernisan | March 25, 2013
I find myself relieved that I don’t have to figure out how to document (or not document?) concerns [in patient records]...Wondering what they are? Ok, I will tell you, but shhh...don’t tell my elderly patients that I may be considering these topics as I care for them.