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Lisa Bonchek Adams received a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 37. In October 2012, she learned that the breast cancer had metastasized to her bones and she had stage IV cancer. On her website,, she writes practical essays about dealing with life-changing events and parenting a child with medical challenges. She has a graduate degree in sociology and currently lives in Connecticut with her husband and three children. For more information about Lisa, visit her website or follow her on twitter at @AdamsLisa

Waiting. Again.

Lisa Bonchek Adams | September 24, 2013
The evil of "waiting" is well known among those with illnesses. We spend copious amounts of time in waiting rooms, exam rooms, lab offices. We wait for test results, scan results, to see if treatment is working. I'm in one of those waiting periods right now...

Eye to Eye: The Doctor-Patient Relationship in Stage IV Cancer

Lisa Bonchek Adams | June 3, 2013
Everything changes with a diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer. I don’t really think that’s an overstatement. My relationship with my oncologists has, by nature, changed as well.

Still the Best Policy: Being Honest With Your Children About Cancer

Lisa Bonchek Adams | July 3, 2012
While there may be exceptions, in general I firmly believe it's important to be open and honest with children about serious illness (in my case it was cancer). Not only is it important to explain it to them to de-mystify illness, it can also be crucial that children be aware of the condition in case of emergency.

1st Person: I Think So Too

First Person | July 19, 2011
Breast cancer survivor, Lisa Bonchek Adams, blogs about life-changing events including a cancer diagnosis, the sudden death of a family member, and having a child with medical challenges. She combines medical, psychological, and sociological viewpoints to these and other topics. You can read this post and follow her at