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Marcus Escobedo is a Program Officer for the John A. Hartford Foundation. He manages grants within the foundation’s Medicine portfolio, focusing on improving the education and training of physicians to provide better care to older adults. More of  Marcus Escobedo’s posts can be found/followed on the Hartford health AGEnda blog. You can follow the John A. Hartford Foundation’s Twitter feed @JHARTFOUND and find them on Facebook here.

Minimally Disruptive Health Care: Treatment that Fits

Marcus Escobedo | April 26, 2012
My mom has always worked hard'.Now on Medicare and about to retire after 30 years, she will have to continue working hard, as will my retired father. I'm not talking about the time they'll spend maintaining their home or raising grandchildren. I'm talking about the difficult work that they, like millions of others, grudgingly started as they began approaching 65 ' the work of managing their multiple chronic conditions.