Patients and experts explore what it takes to find good health care and make the most of it.

Molly Mettler is a Senior Vice President for Healthwise and in this position, she advocates for a transformation in the role of the health care consumer from a passive recipient to one who’s stronger, more active, and involved in his or her own care.  She is also a CFAH William Ziff Fellows.

Patient Engagement: Expert Molly Mettler Talks about Challenges

Molly Mettler | September 26, 2011
This interview with Molly Mettler is the third in a series of brief chats between CFAH president and founder, Jessie Gruman and experts - our CFAH William Ziff Fellows - who have devoted their careers to understanding and encouraging people's engagement in their health and health care.

Hurry Up Tomorrow

Molly Mettler | August 5, 2010

More Than Pie in the Sky: Meaningful Use and the Engaged Consumer

Molly Mettler | August 2, 2010
Picture a pumpkin and a pumpkin pie. A pumpkin is a vegetable; a pumpkin pie is a meaningful use of that vegetable.