Patients and experts explore what it takes to find good health care and make the most of it.

Patient Perspectives round up recent posts from patient blogs and are part of the Center for Advancing Health’s portfolio of free, evidence-based coverage of what it takes to find good care and make the most of it.

It's Not Complaining if It Helps

Patient Perspectives | January 14, 2013
In this roundup, patient bloggers Barbara Kivowitz, Warm Socks and Kelly Young explain the difference between complaining and whining.

"But You Don't Look Sick" and Other Silly Remarks

Patient Perspectives | June 28, 2012
It can be offensive and hurtful when someone asks a well-meaning, but otherwise insensitive, question to someone who has an illness. Here, Kelly Young, Allison Blass and Andrew Schorr offer their responses.

Worried Sick or Worried Well

Patient Perspectives | March 9, 2012
Worry can be an all too familiar and unwelcome companion to those with illness. Here, three people with three different worrisome health care experiences describe what it's like.

Quality Care is Compassionate Care

Patient Perspectives | February 6, 2012
The experience of quality health care may vary from person to person, but in this patient blog roundup, it's clear that true quality considers a person's emotional well-being and their unique circumstances.

A Thanksgiving Reprise

Patient Perspectives | December 1, 2011
During Thanksgiving week, many patient bloggers shared what they were thankful for. Though there were many ' here are what four of them had to say.

Pink Ribbons, Mixed Emotions

Patient Perspectives | October 18, 2011
October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and recently, breast cancer patients and survivors alike have shared their (sometimes disparate) thoughts and feelings about these four weeks.

Off Pitch: Simple Conversations Go Astray

Patient Perspectives | October 6, 2011
In this round-up, patient bloggers describe a mix of difficulties they experience in everyday conversations due to their illnesses.

Technical Difficulties: Houston, We Have a Problem'

Patient Perspectives | August 25, 2011
Advances in health technology have meant that many illnesses now come with electronic devices used to detect, measure, or alleviate them. But, even the newest instrument can be problematic. Here, four patients share their tech-related stories.

The Emotions Illness Brings

Patient Perspectives | August 5, 2011
The experiences and emotions brought on by having an illness or disability can be complex and sometimes unexpected. In this blog roundup, three patients share theirs.

Accommodations for Chronic Conditions

Patient Perspectives | July 25, 2011
In addition to managing the physical and mental symptoms that so often come along with an illness or impairment, those who are ill sometimes must also cope with discrimination. From food allergies to wheelchair accessibility ' here are patients' perspectives.


Patient Perspectives | January 19, 2011
This week's roundup features a collection of patient voices from around the web including: Winner of the reality TV show the Amazing Race, Nat Strand, RA Warrior Kelly Young, and alias blogger WarmSocks.

Staying a Step Ahead of Diabetes

Patient Perspectives | January 10, 2011
This week's roundup features a collection of patient voices from around the web including: DiabetesMine's Amy Tenderich, D-Mom Leighann Calentine, and a perspective on shared decision making.