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Sarah Greene, a biologist and new media entrepreneur with a track record of disrupting scholarly publishing processes, is the founder and CEO of Rapid Science. She previously served as executive director of Cancer Commons, where she developed online communities content, and apps for researchers and patients. Prior to that she was editor-in-chief of The Scientist magazine and its parent, Faculty of 1000, a post-publication peer review service in London. Over the years Sarah founded three successful startups acquired by Wiley (Current Protocols), Elsevier (HMS Beagle web magazine and BioMedNet), and Thomson Health (Praxis Press; Best Practice of Medicine). She was a co-founder of the Society for Participatory Medicine and managing editor of its Journal of Participatory Medicine. Sarah also developed websites with original features and content for the New York Academy of Sciences and the New York Times-Health, and was chief content officer at Keas, Inc. Follow her on Twitter @sgreene24 and Linkedin.

Jessie Gruman: Poetry in Motion

Sarah Greene | September 17, 2014
We New Yorkers have been marveling at the beautiful weather bestowed on us this summer, and yet the dark and heavy cloud of Jessie's leave-taking on July 14 has kept me in a months-long swelter. What I want to recall here is the soulful side of my friend Jessie – surfacing in full bloom in her college years as an English major and finding expression throughout her life...

What's Engagement Now? Expert Sarah Greene Discusses Emerging Challenges

Sarah Greene | May 9, 2012
I discovered somewhat by accident early in my career -- that science makes faster progress and produces better results if more people with a range of different expertise are brought together. In the past 10 years, I've extended this belief to patients' participation in their care.