The Center for Advancing Health listens to patient perspectives. We translate what we learn into resources that help all of us participate fully in our health care and that enable policy makers and clinicians to support us in doing so.

CFAH defines patient engagement as "the actions we take to support our health and to benefit from health care."*

The CFAH Engagement Behavior Framework (EBF) serves as the basis of all CFAH activities.

The EBF describes the actions we must take to find good health care and make the most of it. These 42 behaviors alert the public and other stakeholders to the magnitude and scope of the challenges we face in getting the greatest benefit from our health care.

The Framework provides a foundation for developing concrete, measureable goals for behavior change that should guide the re-orientation of care delivery toward patient-centeredness. This list also signals how stakeholders could make strategic decisions about the kind of information and support that will be needed for all their patients, members or constituents to be willing and able to act knowledgeably on their own behalf.

The 42 engagement behaviors fall into the following categories:

More information about the CFAH Engagement Behavior Framework

Full CFAH Engagement Behavior Framework

*revised in 2014 based on input from CFAH William B. Ziff Fellows