Jessie Gruman

Jessie Gruman, 1953-2014

A Collection of Tributes and Memorial Events

Jessie C. Gruman, Ph.D., the founder and president of the Center for Advancing Health, died at the age of 60 on July 14, 2014 at her home in New York City. A brief biographical sketch is available here.

A celebration of Jessie's life was presented by her family, friends and colleagues at the New York Academy of Medicine in New York City on October 5, 2014. The program from this event is here.

A reception honoring Jessie's work at the Center for Advancing Health was held on October 9, 2014 in Washington, DC at the American Geophysical Union, which hosted CFAH's offices from 1994 to 2014. The program from this event is here.

In the weeks following Jessie's death, CFAH published a variety of tributes and remembrances.

On July 14, 2014, her death was announced by M. Chris Gibbons, chair of the CFAH board of trustees.

On July 18, Jessie's sister-in-law, Virginia Sloan, expressed appreciation on behalf of the family, and CFAH published ten excerpts from tributes.

On July 25, CFAH published four more excerpts from tributes.

On August 6, CFAH posted a remembrance by Doug Kamerow, a former CFAH board chair, originally published by The BMJ.

On August 18, CFAH posted a remembrance by Amy Berman, originally published by Health Affairs.

On August 26, CFAH published excerpts from three more tributes plus the text from a presidential citation awarded to Jessie in March by the Society for Public Health Education.

On September 17, CFAH posted a remembrance by Sarah Greene, a former CFAH board member, originally published by

On October 15, CFAH posted remarks by Judith Miller Jones, a former CFAH board chair, which she delivered at the reception honoring Jessie on October 9.

On December 19, 2014, CFAH posted an essay by Kate Lorig, a William Ziff Fellow at the Center for Advancing Health.

 Jessie's family has asked that contributions be made to:

Contributions were made to the Jessie Gruman Memorial Fund by:

Norman Anderson
Donald Arbitblit
Amy Berman
Linda and Peter Bicks
Adam Brickman
Sarah Brookhart
Carolyn Clancy
Lina D'Orazio
Joyce Dennison
Lennart Dimberg
Employer Health Care Alliance Cooperative (Wisconsin)
Michael Everhart
Lee Fleisher
Sharon and Jonathan Franklin
Mary French
Bonnie Friedman
Nancy and Paul Gaffney
Ginsberg, Helfer and Boyd, PLLC
Ethan and Margaret Gorenstein
Mary and Jim Gosnell
Sarah Greene
David Grum
Peter Gruman
Sharon Hartnett and Robert Majcher
Darcy Howe and John Black
Marianne Hyde
Warren Ilchman
Judith Miller Jones
James and Marie Karanfilian
Ruth Katz
Debbie and Floyd Kearns
Larry Kessler
Harriet Kornfeld
Sierra Kuzava
Danielle Lavallee
Celia Lee and Michael Bofshever
Rebecca Lipman
Kate Lorig
Susan Lutgendorf
Shelley Martin
Dominic Mathurin
Paula McKinley
Irene Meier
Pamela Nagashima
Jean and David Nathan
Michael Ognibene
Delores Parron
Daniel Pine
Mario Pitchon
Lygeia Ricciardi
Janet and John Rodgers
William Rosenberg
Elaine Schattner
Stephen Schoenbaum
Joshua Seidman
Laura Shapiro and Jack Hawley
Cait Sleight
Teddie Sleight
Richard Sloan
Sonia and Gilbert Sloan
Diane Young-Spitzer and Lorry Spitzer
Marcia Stein
Michael VonKorff
Leyla Vural
Janet Wale
Nyna Williams
Redford and Virginia Williams
Beverly Winikoff
Kristen Zatarski