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Resources | Advice and Links to trusted health information

Finding a New Doctor
Advice on what to look for in a new doctor, how to locate one (whether or not you have insurance), and links to trusted physician review websites.
How to Choose a Hospital
Not all hospitals are created equal. Here you’ll find popular ratings websites to help you compare before you go and important information about patient safety.
Deciding When to Seek Care
Not sure if you need a doctor? Here’s advice about alternatives, including urgent care and retail clinics and information about yearly checkups.

Prepared Patient Voices | In-depth features with insights from doctors, health care experts and patients

Chronic Conditions: When Do You Call the Doctor?
From high cholesterol to HIV, millions of Americans have a medical condition that they manage mostly on their own. How do you know when it’s time to call in the professionals?
In Case of Emergency: Who's Who in the ER
Knowing who you will likely encounter during an ER visit may help you get the best care at a time when you may be feeling anxious and afraid.
Giving Your Doctor the Pink Slip
Feeling uneasy with or disrespected by your current doctor? Our experts — both physicians — talk frankly about rocky spots in doctor-patient relationships.
Retail Clinics: What's in Store for Health Care
You're sick, but your doctor's office says the next open appointment is in two weeks. Or you're traveling, don't have a primary care physician or don't have health insurance. For all these reasons and more, potential patients are turning increasingly to retail clinics to cure their minor ailments.
Hospital Report Cards: Grading Facilities Near You
Consumers are awash in information they can use to find the best deals on everything from dishwashers to car insurance. But is it possible to comparison shop for a hospital?
When Getting to the Doctor Is Half the Battle
All patients have their stories of hassles: hustling against traffic to inconvenient doctor appointments, not to mention waiting on hold to schedule a follow-up visit. But what if you couldn't read the road signs on your way or hear the options on your physician's answering service?
How to Find and Use Health Insurance
Whether you have a preexisting condition or not, are new to shopping for insurance or trying to figure out what coverage you do have, there are resources to help with this often complicated but important purchase.
Do I Have to Go to the Dentist? Oral Health Starts Early
Increasingly, children are losing their baby teeth not due to the budding of their permanent teeth but to the ravages of early decay and cavities. For some parents, this is a result of a lack of understanding about the importance of oral health, even at an early age.
Young Adults Taking the Health Care Reins
Your parents still might be willing to do your laundry, but if you’re over 18, they can’t make your medical decisions. Are you ready to navigate the adult health care system?
Using Physician Rating Websites
New health review sites promise to help you make this important decision for yourself or your loved ones. However, patients and physicians alike are finding that these doctor reviews aren’t as transparent or useful as they might seem.
Working With Your Doctor's Office
Going to the doctor requires you to be prepared with some key information ahead of your visit. There's also important information to gather while you are at your doctor's office or health clinic. These tips can help you make the most of your health care.
My Prepared Patient Story: Jessie Gruman
CFAH President and founder Jessie Gruman tells how she became a prepared patient.
How to Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit
Over the years, the Center for Advancing Health has listened to hundreds of people discuss their experiences with their health and health care. One thing that seems to come up for many people is how hard it can be to find good health care and make the most of it, which includes knowing what to do at a doctor's appointment. We've come up with these tips to help.



Find Good Health Care Find Good Health Care | The quality of doctors and hospitals varies. Here is information to help you find the right care. More

Pay for Your Healthcare Pay For Your Healthcare | Learn more about health insurance terms, selecting a plan, and Medicare and Medicaid. Plus, resources for help with paying for prescriptions. More

Communicate with Your Doctors Communicate With Your Doctors | Advice on how to explain your symptoms, talk to doctors and ask the right questions about tests and prescriptions. More

Organize Your Health Care Organize Your Health Care | Tips for doctors' appointments, managing health records and dealing with illness and work. More

Make Good Treatment Decisions Make Good Treatment Decisions | Treatment may involve making important decisions. Here's advice on understanding your options, including watchful waiting and getting a second opinion. More

Participate in Your Treatment Participate In Your Treatment | How to manage medical treatments at home, including medications and dealing with side effects. More

Seek Knowledge About Your Health Seek Knowledge About Your Health | Advice on understanding your risk for disease(s) and finding online health information you can trust. More

Get Preventative Health Care Get Preventative Health Care | Advice about physical check-ups, disease screening, dental exams, vaccinations and immunizations. More

Promote Your Health Promote Your Health | Information on healthy lifestyles, improving health habits and help with common concerns, such as weight loss and exercise, pain and depression. More

Plan for Your End of Life Care Plan for Your End-of-Life Care | Information on caregiving, long-term and nursing care, palliative and hospice care and advance directives. More

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