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Patient Perspectives: Life with Chronic Illness


How is getting a brand new continuous glucose monitor (CGM) like getting the newest smartphone? Amy Tenderich at Diabetes Mine shares her experiences with her new CGM gadget and the point at which it stopped being 'the best thing ever!' and became a routine part of her daily life.  As the newness wears off, Amy says that having more information ' while useful ' can sometimes be inconvenient.

Expwoman of Exposing OCD started 'OCD A to Z' last month, a series of posts which highlight one aspect of her obsessive-compulsive disorder for every letter of the alphabet. This week she had two posts: N is for Need to Know and O is For Only Obsessions.  Both describe what it's like to live with the obsessions, compulsions, rituals, and anxiety of OCD.

Leslie at Getting Closer to Myself asks Helen at Pens and Needles, "What gets you down, and what do you do to pick yourself back up?"'  While it's no surprise that chronic pain can get in the way of doing things, Helen discusses how frustrating and frightening it can be when chronic pain gets in the way of doing nothing.

Briley, a type 1 diabetic, signed up for rock climbing, but her insulin pump wouldn't stay in place. Her post describes just one of many occasions when someone with a chronic illness has to deal with the visible and invisible repercussions of their condition.

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