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The most recent winner of the reality TV show the Amazing Race, Nat Strand, has type 1 diabetes?'  In this interview, she discusses what it was like growing up with diabetes and completing the Amazing Race.'  One of her trickiest challenges?'  Packing everything she would or could need to manage her diabetes for one whole month in a single backpack.'  When asked about her 'never, never, never give up" race strategy, Nat said, "It gets frustrating, and there are times when you do everything right and your blood sugars still aren't where you want them to be'You have to somehow dig deep.'  You can always take moments or breaks where you're not as motivated as other times, but the key is to never give up fully. ' So take a break, regroup, and then just keep on going."

Kelly Young has a similar perspective on dealing with feelings of guilt about being chronically ill.'  She says, "Maybe I'll always have weak moments with guilt feelings about [Rheumatoid Arthritis].'  However, I also fight back against adding guilt to my RA suffering'Fight the disease and fight for every bit of life that you can.'  And when you fall short, which you will, forgive yourself with the same grace that you would forgive someone else."'  Have you ever felt guilty about being sick?'  Check out Kelly's post for her advice.

The next time you meet with your doctor, keep this chart in mind.'  When you've already been to the doctor and followed his or her treatment plan but you don't get better, WarmSocks says, "Don't ignore the symptoms.'  Don't look for a new doctor.'  If it's still a problem, go back to see the doctor again.'  See the same doctor ' the person who's already given some thought to what might be wrong."'  This decision tree let's you know what you can and should expect from your appointment and makes it clear if a step has been missed.'  Check out all of WarmSock's blogs.

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