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Worried about the Cost and Quality of Health Care


9 out of 10 sick people, (those with a serious illness, medical condition, injury or disability), are worried about the costs of medical care according to a new poll from RWJF/Harvard, 'What It's Like to be Sick in America'. ' Jane Sarasohn-Kahn of Health Populi doesn't want one point to get lost in the media coverage about these troubling results: ''[what is] critical for solving the problem of costs and bending that increasing curve: that is, getting patients more involved in their own care.''  Jane adds that the poll also reflected people's desire for more time with their doctors, including time spent on helping them with broader health concerns that might improve their long-term health.

CFAH President Jessie Gruman's recent post, 'Operating Theater: Magnificent new hospitals '?  quality care', reflects on a hospital lobby filled with sounds of Chopin but with disturbing gaps in patient care during her father's recent stay. Jessie muses 'I bet my dad would have traded this music and this lobby for breakfast on Saturday and a check-in by the nurse more than once per shift for the past two days.'

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