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My BlogTalkRadio Interview: Patient Engagement


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Last week, I was interviewed by Dr. Pat Salber and Gregg Mastors on their BlogTalkRadio show, This Week in Health Innovation. We covered a lot of ground in just 30 minutes, discussing patient-centered care, patient engagement, shared decision making and the cost/quality trade-offs involved, and what all of this means for health care delivery. Underscoring all of this was a focus on the fact that we, as patients, actually spend very little time thinking about the health care process – we just want to feel better as quickly as possible to return to the lives we love. It was a great discussion. I invite you to listen and weigh in:


This Week in Health Innovation is created and produced by Gregg Mastors' HealthInnovation Media. You can find Gregg on Twitter at @2healthguru, @ACOwatch and @JustOncology. Dr. Salber writes about health care on her blog, The Doctor Weighs In, and you can follow her on Twitter at @Docweighsin.

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Jessie C. Gruman, PhD, was founder and president of the Center for Advancing Health from 1992 until her death in July 2014. Her experiences as a patient — having been diagnosed with five life-threatening illnesses — informed her perspective as an author, advocate and lead contributor to the Prepared Patient Blog. Her book, AfterShock, helps patients and caregivers navigate their way through the health care system following a serious or life-threatening diagnosis. The free app, AfterShock: Facing a Serious Diagnosis, offers a pocket guide based on the book. | More about Jessie Gruman

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