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Carol Cronin has more than 20 years of experience working on health care and aging issues, with a particular interest in consumer health information and Medicare. She is currently executive director of the Maryland-based non-profit organization the Informed Patient Institute (IPI), whose mission is to improve the quality of health care by helping the public make more informed decisions about their care.

A Report on Doctor Report Cards

Carol Cronin | December 17, 2013
You've recently moved and need to find a new doctor. What's available online to help you learn about the quality of the doctors in your area?...

What's Engagement Now? Expert Carol Cronin Discusses Emerging Challenges

Carol Cronin | February 1, 2012
Most people still assume that they don't need to worry about the quality of the care they receive, whether it is from a doctor, in a hospital or in a nursing home. It's pretty frightening to realize that you do have to care about it, because it means you have to assume the burden. If quality does vary, you have to do the research. This is hard to deal with when you are upset.

In a Hospital and Concerned About Quality?

Carol Cronin | May 3, 2010
Your mother is in the hospital. The nurse comes in to give her a drug. You ask what drug it is and it's something to which she's allergic a fact noted on the long list of things you had to provide at admission. The nurse apologizes profusely and gets a substitute drug for her. The next day about the same time, a different nurse comes in to give your mother a drug. Again, you ask and again it is the wrong drug.