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Danny van Leeuwen, MPH, RN, CPHQ is Vice President of Quality Management at Advocates, Inc. in Framingham, MA. He is also a patient with Multiple Sclerosis, a caregiver and a nurse. He serves on HIMSS’ Connected Patient Committee, is a member of the Society for Participatory Medicine, a reviewer for PCORI and speaks about caregivers and HIT. Danny was also an editor for 15 years for the Journal for Healthcare Quality. He blogs at Health Hats and you can follow him on Twitter at @HealthHats.

Bring a Companion to Your Next Doctor's Appointment

Danny van Leeuwen | June 26, 2014
Should you bring someone with you to your next doctor's appointment? If you're asking, the answer is yes. If you're asked, how do you be the best companion? Prep in advance, listen, record and ask questions. Know why you're going. That means two things...

Clinicians are from Mars, e-Patients are from Venus

Danny van Leeuwen | June 10, 2013
My experience is that e-patients and clinicians can agree that they seek "best health". Yet there is such a disconnect, such frustration, so much of the time. A pervasive gap exists between the way clinicians and e-patients approach this goal...