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Emily Polis Gibson, M.D., is a board certified family physician who has been practicing for thirty-one years. She serves as Medical Director of the Western Washington University Student Health Center in Bellingham, Washington, where she was honored with the Exceptional Effort award. She also was selected Physician of Excellence at Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center in the state of Washington. Her blog, Barnstorming, includes essays, poetry, reflections, and meditations on faith, family, and farm life in rural Northwest Washington state.

Guest Blog: Care That Helps People Make Plans 'In Their Own Way'

Emily Gibson | June 9, 2011
Sixty-five years ago, Dr. Emily Gibson's grandmother never asked and was never told what was wrong with her when she was terminally ill. Gibson recognizes the change from 'the patient doesn't need to know and the doctor knows better' philosophy to one of a partnership between a clinician and patient, which is how she practices medicine in Northwest Washington state.