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Is Everything We Know About Nutrition Wrong?

Inside Health Care | October 31, 2013
Millions of dollars are spent on dietary research, but are we any closer to understanding what a truly healthy diet consists of? A few new studies are turning long-held recommendations on their heads.

Adding Empathy to Medical School Requirements

Inside Health Care | October 18, 2013
How can doctors understand what it's like to be ill? These stories illustrate the power of walking a mile in a patient's shoes.

When Patients & Doctors have Different Priorities

Inside Health Care | December 5, 2012
After discovering that one of his patients had a pre-cancerous polyp, Dr. Michael Kirsch recommended a surgical consult to discuss removal. The man’s answer was one that Dr. Kirsch will never forget. The patient said he would certainly speak with the surgeon, but not until four months later. Why? Because he didn’t want to miss golf season. Musing about priorities, Dr. Kirsch writes, “We physicians need to remind ourselves that patients make the decisions, even though we often believe that we have the right answers.”

More on the 'Difficult Patient' Label

Inside Health Care | October 16, 2012
Have you ever worried about being called a difficult patient? Here, journalists, patients, and doctors discuss the "dreaded 'D' label" and why it's important to speak up.

Getting Lab Results, Just for Doctors or Patients too?

Inside Health Care | October 5, 2012
When it comes to getting your lab results, do you want to be the first to know or would you rather wait for your doctor to review them?

Health News You Can Use?

Inside Health Care | September 18, 2012
The dynamic nature of health news makes it challenging for clinicians and patients to stay abreast of new developments, interpret data and follow shifting guidelines.

Banning the Big Gulp: Bold Initiative or Bad Idea?

Inside Health Care | June 14, 2012
"Who should be responsible for the health of Americans?" "What's the best way to break society's bad habits?" Questions like these poured in following New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent proposal to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.

Advance Directives: Rarely Easy, Always Important

Inside Health Care | April 10, 2012
Three essays discuss the critical importance of advance directives'even when implementing them is tricky.

Teen Smoking: An Epidemic?

Inside Health Care | March 15, 2012
A new report from the U.S. surgeon general's office estimates 3,800 kids light their first cigarette every day and tobacco companies spend more than $1 million an hour marketing and promoting tobacco products.

The Clinician's Role in Patient Engagement

Inside Health Care | February 27, 2012
This week, three health care insiders highlight the role physicians play in promoting patient engagement.

The Price of Paperwork

Inside Health Care | January 26, 2012
It's said that time is money. In this case, health care insiders argue that Americans and U.S. health insurers are spending too much of both.

A New Year and a New Big Picture Look at Weight Loss?

Inside Health Care | January 9, 2012
With New Years resolutions still fresh, weight loss is all over the news, and many Americans' minds are firmly resolved to lose weight. However, their bodies and fast food restaurants may be equally determined that they fail.

Who Accesses Health Care, and How?

Inside Health Care | December 19, 2011
All kinds of people seek out health care, but studies show that not everyone accesses and receives care in the same way. Here, health care insiders look at how access varies among women, children and those with disabilities.

What is the Scope of Primary Care?

Inside Health Care | November 29, 2011
Even when you know you should see a doctor, it can be hard to know whether to visit your primary care provider or consult a specialist. In this roundup, physician bloggers consider the range of services covered by PCPs.

Conflicts of Interest and the FDA

Inside Health Care | November 17, 2011
Patients rely on panels of experts to review and approve new treatments and products. The hope is that these experts are unbiased in their evaluations. Here, health care insiders debate whether there are enough conflict-free panelists to go around.

Take a Number

Inside Health Care | November 8, 2011
Nobody likes to wait. And patients and doctors alike are frustrated by the general waiting that seems to be an inevitable part of delivering and receiving care. Here, Art Markman, Lisa Gualtieri, and anonymous patient blogger WarmSocks share their views.

Cost of Care's 2nd Annual Essay Contest

Inside Health Care | September 30, 2011
'The evidence says that there are ample opportunities to save money in our routine decision-making without compromising quality of care'We are not only asking for stories about unexpected medical bills or difficulty figuring out medical costs, but also asking for positive stories about ways doctors and patients have figured out to save money, while still delivering high value care'' - Neel Shah, MD.

Putting HIT 'Meaningful Use' Standards to Work

Inside Health Care | September 16, 2011
Those involved in health care and HIT may have noticed the increased federal and private sector discourse around "consumers" and meaningful use. This week's Inside Health Care collects some recent posts that discuss various new tools, programs, and enhancements aimed at providers, patients, caregivers, and members of the public.

Defining 'Quality Health Care'

Inside Health Care | September 6, 2011
How do you calibrate care so that it is neither too much nor too little? In this collection of recent posts, health care professionals search for that 'just right' level of care.

CT Scans

Inside Health Care | January 7, 2011
Our latest Prepared Patient, Medical Testing: You Need Answers, offers guidance on how to talk to your doctor about medical tests and what to consider before and after the test. Here are related thoughts from other blogs-Dr. John Schumann of GlassHospital, Dr. Michael Kirsch of MD Whistleblower, and Anna Sayburn on Consumer Reports Health Blog. Recent feature articles on medical tests from The Wall Street Journal & the ACPHospitalist are also included.

Inside Health Care: A Doctor, a Nurse, and an Intern Weigh-In on EMRs on KevinMD

Inside Health Care | November 24, 2010
KevinMD hosts a range of clinicians who comment on the electronic medical record. Guests include: Dr. Christopher Johnson, pediatric intensive care doc, who blogs on ChristopherJohnsonMD; Jared Sinclair R.N., an ICU nurse and pre-medical student, who blogs at jaredsinclair + com; and Angienadia M.D., a Yale intern, who blogs at Primary DX. Read what they have to say about EMRs.

Inside Health Care: Physicians Put on a Gown and the Power of Touch

Inside Health Care | November 12, 2010
A collection of professional voices from around the web including Dr. Herbert Mathewson in The Health Care Blog, Dr. Kevin Pho of, and Dr. Rob Lamberts on his blog, Musings of a Distractible Mind. These highlight the patient experience from a professional perspective and the power of touch.

Inside Health Care: Dichotomies: Quality or Familiarity? Empower or Manage?

Inside Health Care | November 8, 2010

Inside Health Care: Trusted Sources?

Inside Health Care | October 29, 2010
The increasing presence (sometime hidden) of advertisers in health care websites - including the new Sharecare - was discussed this week by healthcare journalists Gary Schwitzer and Pia Christensen, Dr. Elaine Schattner, M.D. and marketer and advertiser Dan Dunlop

Inside Health Care: Combating Mis-Communication

Inside Health Care | October 27, 2010