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Lawrence LeMoal is the creator a Patients Voices, a website and organization designed to bring patients' voices in Saskatchewan, Canada into the debate about the future of our health care system, and specifically to push for patient-centered care. He was employed by various unions before joining the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) in 1980 as the Director for Patients and Families First & Government Relations, where he worked in education, communications, labor relations, health reform, research and policy. Lawrence is on permanent disability while undergoing treatment for advanced prostate cancer. He credits his experience with SUN, and his involvement in applied research projects, health leadership forums, and quality improvement conferences and initiatives, with providing the foundation for his continuing interest in health system reform.

Getting Bumped to First Class Health Care

Lawrence LeMoal | September 4, 2014
I am writing this post while seated comfortably in a motorized leather recliner with a window view and lots of other perks. What a legacy we would leave Saskatchewan citizens if we could figure out how to extend this first-class patient care to all patients and their families wrestling with chronic disease...