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Narine Wandrey is a biology and mathematics student from the University of Dallas where she conducted neuroendocrine research with Dr. Ryo Teruyama of Louisiana State University and Dr. Paul Insel of University of California, San Diego. Narine has also been active in health and natural resource issues spanning water resources to energy. Narine was named a Goldwater nominee for 2012-2013 and recently was accepted into the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. Narine was also a 2013 Costs of Care (@CostsofCare) Essay Contest runner-up.

A Doctor's Strategies Helped Mom Pay for Meds

Narine Wandrey | May 19, 2014
Bewildered, panicked and disheartened, I watched my mother's eyes dart back and forth as she read the pharmacy's prescription cash price list, knowing she could not possibly afford her monthly medicines. We drove home, not saying a word, but I knew she was deeply distraught. When we arrived, she began cutting each tiny elliptical or rounded tablet into halves and quarters...